01. Hockey is an expensive sport because children need a lot of [equipment] to play it.
02. Most new cars built today come [equipped] with airbags.
03. It took us a couple of days to properly [equip] ourselves for the hike.
04. He is saving up to buy himself some new football [equipment].
05. The students were all [equipped] with pencils, erasers and calculators for the test.
06. Someone has been stealing office [equipment] over the last couple of months.
07. City firemen are complaining that their [equipment] is getting old, and needs to be replaced immediately to maintain proper safety standards.
08. He was well-[equipped] for the work ahead.
09. Former President Lyndon Johnson once said, "We must open the doors of opportunity. But we must also [equip] our people to walk through those doors."
10. The new language center features a fully [equipped] modern computer language lab.
11. As of 1978, there were approximately 4,500 pieces of space [equipment] revolving around the Earth.
12. The primary function of the space shuttle is to carry personnel and [equipment] into space.
13. Seat belts are necessary even if your car is [equipped] with airbags.
14. Early attempts to teach chimpanzees to speak were unsuccessful because the animals lack the necessary vocal [equipment].
15. Socialization [equips] the individual to handle societal roles.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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